Friday, July 12, 2013

A Dream

    This morning after Hubs left for work, I fell back asleep and had the weirdest dream. Now, I'm known for my detailed dreams. At least, it amazes my Hubs when I tell them to him.

    I was in my "grandmother's" house. I use the quotes, because it wasn't really. It was actually a house I've never seen before. Anyway, she had passed away, and I was there to clean it out, and apparently I was going to live there. I wasn't alone, either. A younger woman was with me, and a child. They were "family", but not anyone I recognized.

    The house was on a small road off the main road in whatever town it was. I had parked my truck in the middle of the road, the road was so narrow there wasn't anywhere else to park, and there were only a couple of houses on the road. Next thing I know, the girl comes in and tells me my truck is being towed. I run around trying to find my flip flops so I can go out and talk to these guys, and stop them from taking my truck.

    But I can't find my flip flops anywhere. I run outside in my bare feet. They have my truck loaded on a flatbed. I look up the road to the main street, and see it's blocked off. It's like they are closing the entrance to the road, and making you come from the other direction. For some reason they leave my truck, and go.

    The young lady and I get back to packing up the things in the house, making great headway. Now, things are blending in from my mother-in-law's passing. The "grandmother" left me tons of jewelry, and I was telling the younger woman about some diamond rings and earrings that I got all excited about, but weren't real.

    We were nearly done inside the house, and even commented about having the stained floors refinished. There was a knock at the door, and people started coming from all over. They tell me that I'm the new "Mee-maw", or head of the family. They came to pay their respects, and these were people I'd never seen before.

    The little girl was poking around and found a hidden closet, which we pried open. It hadn't been opened in so long, it was hard to work the knob. Inside we found a bunch of fancy baby outfits, like from Christenings. Some were old and some were newer. It's like after the Christenings, these outfits were given to the Mee-maw to save.

    I'm sure there were more details, but most are gone now. Like the little girl was blonde, and somehow all the stuff we got rid of was just gone. The house was pretty empty, except for some of the furniture we were keeping.

    It was a really cool house, I wish it was real. It was strange dreaming about a house I've never personally been in. I usually dream about things happening in my mom's old house. I have even dreamed that Hubs and I lived in her house.

   If anyone cares to analyze this dream, have at it. I'd love to hear what you think!

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  1. Not qualified! I think it would be fun to speculate, though.

    Maybe you feel like the head of the family? Your time has come to assume the role--aren't you to become a Grandma soon? The other elder ladies are welcoming you to being the head of your own matriarchy. Grandmothers have a unique club and cannot just join because they choose to. Someone else has to "nominate them for membership." The precious handmade baby things show that someone values the work you have done in your real life and you are to be the caretaker of the traditions of the past. The 2 generations that were with you were representations of a you that you do not recognize showing how you learned to be the matriarch. The youngest you shows curiosity and the other two yous accept her cues and discover generations of treasures by working together. The truck is not towed away. This is good. You drove there on your own but are not being forced into a bad situation (towed truck = sucks). You have stopped at that point in your life and the rest of the road is not open just yet. ALSO a good thing! So you go back inside and get to work. Enjoy your "new home" or new place in the matriarchy.

    Pretty good for an amateur, yes? Well what can I say. I have degrees in literature from the 70s and 80s and have a TON of papers and essays on symbolism under my belt.