Thursday, July 25, 2013

A day with the grandkids

    I spent the day today watching my grandbabies. It was awesome. I give my son and his awesome wife tons of credit. They are doing an extremely good job with these two. They listen to you when you talk to them and do what you ask of them, including putting away their toys! It's been quite an eye opening experience.

    I have one more day with them, then their regular babysitter will be all recovered. I sure hope they call me to sit with the kids when they decide to have a date night! It would be my pleasure!

    Now I am completely exhausted, since they are very active. And Mason needs to be reminded that G-ma is not a jungle gym. But he is so sweet and eventually he gets it. Chloe couldn't wait until Mason went down for his nap, so she and I could crochet together. I tried to teach her, but I'm a lousy teacher, and I think she might be a little young yet. But she did try. We will wait until she gets a little more manual dexterity under her belt. And Goddess love her, she was willing!

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