Friday, July 19, 2013

record broken again!

   With this current heat wave, we broke the pool temp record again!! The water in our 44,000+ gallon, only in the sun 6 hrs/day max, in ground swimming pool is now 86 degrees. In a way it sucks, it's almost too warm to swim in.

    In other news, we held out as long as we could, but today we put in the air conditioners. There's one each in our bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen window. I think we picked a good day for it, as the news on the radio said it could hit 100 degrees today. It didn't take that long to install them, either. Maybe 15 minutes.

    Of course, the one in the kitchen is refusing to work. That one is the oldest, we got it from my mom when she moved out of her house 8 years ago. And who knows how long she had it before we got it?

    The one in the living room is really cool, it's a huge one that sits on the floor, and vents out the window. It's pretty powerful too. It's good to finally be cool.




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  2. Nothing like editing after something publishes! Sorry...

    We moved to Florida at the beginning of the Space Boom. I was 7 years old in 1961, and the houses and schools had NO AIR CONDITIONING! In FLORIDA. In JULY. We had massive thunder storms every afternoon from about 2 until 4. The inside of the house and various other buildings never really dried out. The air was sultry. Ever since I heard that from Throw Mama From the Train, I KNEW it described Florida in the 60s. Later, as the state pretty much became paved, storms were less frequent. But I still remember being glad Mom and Dad had not enough money to carpet the whole house so we could lie down on the terrazzo to feel the coolness on our skin... I simply cannot imagine how you managed to hold off on the ACs until this week. You are strong and sturdy folk!