Monday, July 15, 2013

The highs and the lows

    All weekend, I was really looking forward to going to Kingston with Hubs. We were going to hit Walmart, Sam's Club, Gander Mt., and Michaels. I wanted to hit that Michaels in particular because the last time I was there, They had the yarn I want to use to make a baby thing for the new grandbaby. I didn't buy it then because we didn't know the sex of the baby yet and I wanted to wait until we knew for sure.

    So now we know it's a boy, and I'm ready to start knitting. We go to Walmart first, Hubs needs new jeans. Then at long last I get to go to Michaels, while he's in Gander Mt. I search the whole fracking store. Not only do they not have the yarn they had for the baby stuff, they don't even have any JIFFY that I want for my arm warmers. I walk over to Gander Mt, practically in tears. I tell Hubs I'll be waiting in the truck. He is outta there in less than a minute. (that was the low...)

    We finally get to Sam's Club. We got the most awesome Rib Eye steaks from there last time, they were the best steaks I've ever made at home. We were there for more of those, as well as a few other things. As we wandered through the store, I spy with my little eye the most awesomely colorful display. I go over to it, and it's a display of brightly colored coffee makers and toasters. They come in red, blue, bright pink, yellow, orange, purple and more!

    Hubs actually let me get a coffee maker! I am so happy that I now have a purple coffee maker. I took a couple of photos of it, on my counter, which is not cleaned off, so don't pay attention to anything but the awesome coffee maker...

    Isn't that cool? Behind it is my red rice cooker that my son Jesse got me for Christmas a few years ago. He really likes sticky rice. I don't think I've used it since he moved out last year.

    I can't wait to get the coffee maker all clean and use it. I have to read the manual yet....

    As for the yarn, I will be making a trip to my local Michaels to look for the yarn I wanted. Maybe even tomorrow. If I can find some gas money....

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