Friday, July 5, 2013

The Circle of Life, The Circle of Knitting

    We have a birds nest outside the gates to the pool. It's up on the back of our bedroom, under the little balcony. It was made at the top of the thermometer we have up there. There have been a few nests up there over the years.

    This time I see the parents, who are little brown birds, swoop in and out of the nest, feeding the babies. It's amusing that when Hubs and I are down there sitting at the table and chairs on the patio which is under our bedroom, the parents are very reluctant to feed their babies. They swoop from one side of the pool to the other, resting on the fence. Eventually they swoop to the nest and feed the kids.

    I have seen two little heads peeking out of the nest. What amazes me is that they make no sounds. You would expect baby birds to chirp constantly to mom and dad to hurry up and feed us! But these babies are silent.

    I snuck out there earlier and took a few photos. In the first one you can see the

    Then I got a little closer... I don't know if there are three babies in there or two. If those are the babies, they are getting big enough to leave soon. I worry about that, being so close to the pool. I hope they don't crash land in the pool while learning to fly and drown.....

 I haven't been knitting, it's been too fracking hot. And we don't have any air conditioners installed yet. Waiting for Hubs on that one. Although we did knit at the parade, as we usually sit under a nice shady tree and we were much, much cooler than those poor people who had to march in the hot sun.  

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