Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm Knitting Again!

    Yesterday, my friend Kim and her Cherub came over so Cherub could swim in my pool. Kim was complaining she had nothing planned to make. I brought down my two giant crochet pattern notebooks for her to look at.

    I didn't bother with the small knitting pattern notebook, as she's way more advanced than I am, and wouldn't be challenged by any pattern I had saved. Besides, she's really into Granny Squares right now, and I am not fond of them. AT ALL.

    So she looked through my pattern books, and found one she was interested in. This inspired me to look again through my knitting notebook, and see if there was something in there I would want to make.

    Lo and behold, I found something!  It's a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn's web site, called Greenwich Gauntlets. The pattern calls for Jiffy yarn, and I couldn't find any in my stash. Which totally surprised me, as my stash used to almost exclusively Jiffy, since it was my very favorite yarn for a long time.

   The pattern called for a bulky weight yarn, so I substituted Homespun for the Jiffy. It works. I made a small swatch, and the needle size called for was too big, so I went down to a size 9 needle. I'm gonna make the longest gauntlets in the pattern, since I want my arms warm too.

    The best thing about this project is it's done flat. I am not co-ordinated enough to manage double pointed needles. I have tried more than once and failed miserably, so I'm perfectly happy to knit this flat.

    There is also a really cool sweater in my knitting pattern notebook, which I would really like if someone wanted to knit it for me for my birthday, or Festivus.... I read the pattern and there are some things in there that I don't understand or I would have tried to knit it by now.

   The colorway of this yarn is called Tudor. I had some purple also, and a few other colors, but this one called to me. It wanted to be gauntlets. As you all know, you can't argue with the yarn.


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  1. Not that I am offering, but I am in a real knitting jag right now, so what is the pattern? I am really knitting up a storm doing a sweater for a son and a "summer jacket" for myself (overgrown bolero)