Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another Blanket, With a Twist

    I know, I know, I normally wouldn't make another blanket out of the same yarn, so soon. But with my daughter having two pregnant girlfriends, I really had no choice. The finished pastel rainbow star made it's way to Sara's house, for her to gift at baby shower next month.

    I will admit to my heart skipping a beat, watching her caress the beautiful softness of the blanket, while asking if she will get one too when she has a baby. Of course she will! In the meantime, pastel rainbow #2 is nearly done. I wanted to do it a little differently than the usual one, so I made this one a circle. It has the exact same color progression, just not in the twelve pointed star.

    This is what the whole thing looks like ^ , and here's the closer view:

    In case you've noticed, I haven't written a whole lot in the last few days. I have not been feeling all that well. My legs hurt, it's hard to stand up and walk, at least at the beginning. Once I get moving, I'm usually OK. But I do feel like I've pulled muscles in the calves of both legs, so I'm like double limping. Strange, I know.

    And, so you know, the circle afghan pattern is from the Lion Brand Yarn website, the free pattern section. It's the same pattern I used as the basis for my Jeep tire cover.


  1. Very pretty. I hope your legs are better. Do you know the cause? Don't look on the internet unless you want to spend hours inventing anxiety for yourself.

  2. I know better, now, about looking on the internet. I have a dark line running up my thumbnail, I looked that up, BIG mistake. I called my friend in a panic telling her I have cancer in my thumb. I won't be doing that again! And thanks for the compliment on the blanket!