Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sam's Club, Part II

     Oh yes, there's more. First, though, let me state that I remembered the third thing on my short list. It was rawhide treats for the dog next door. Hubs had asked the owner if it was OK, and he said yes. So that was on the list.

    Anyway, there we were, wandering around Sam's Club. And after we found the pickles, Hubs discovered a display of nacho cheese sauce. Now, keeping in mind that we don't eat nachos on a regular basis, why would we want the stuff? Apparently Hubs decided we needed this item. He put the following in our cart... I put the DVD next to it, for size comparison.

   The funny part is that he tries to convince me it's a good purchase by telling me that he looked at the smaller cans, and they were more expensive in the long run. Forget the fact with that a couple more of these cans, we could fill the hot tub!

     In small print, at the bottom of the can, you can see the weight. I took another photo, just of that, so you can all see what I am dealing with.

         And the best part of all this? I read the label after we got home, and the serving size is 1/4 cup, and it has 630 mg of sodium in it. My Hubs is supposed to be lowering his sodium consumption, not elevating it to stroke levels. So I have no idea what we will do with this giant can of nacho cheese sauce. But it was a bargain at only $5!!

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