Thursday, September 27, 2012

Preparing for Stitch n Bitch

    Today, I very nearly finished using all the yarn from conjoined twin #1 on twin #2. I made myself stop crocheting, and I sewed all then ends in. Then I crocheted a little more. I had plenty of time, since my charge napped for three whole hours today.

    I am saving my crocheting for tomorrow's Stitch n Bitch. After which, I will be traveling to a craft store to see if they have restocked my color of cotton yarn. Hopefully, they will have done so, so I can buy one more skein. That's all I need, one more skein.

    Even if that purchase doesn't work out, I will be making a trip to our local Bed, Bath and Beyond store, for king size fleece sheets. It's getting chilly enough at night these days for them. We sleep on flannel the other three seasons. Really. Even in the Summer. I need to buy new ones, because I can't find the bottom sheet from last years set. I have no idea where it is! The pillow cases I have, and the top sheet I have been using all along. But the bottom sheet has disappeared.

    Those of you who are regular readers may remember an early post, about Hubs and myself using separate covers on our bed. It was my defense mechanism against freezing to death. My beloved Hubs was, and still is, if given the opportunity, a terrible covers hog.

    I will keep you updated on the sheets, and the blanket too. Wish me luck at the craft store!

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  1. Good luck! I am contemplating crochet again. It will have to carom around in my brain for a few more months.