Sunday, September 2, 2012

More Promised Photos!


    I got the camera out, and took some photos. Of my birthday presents, the cat toy I made for the new kitten, and the yarn for the baby blankets. First up, my gift from Kim!

I have it hung right now on the wall in my future craft room. Here's what I received from the Cherub!

    Now here's the lovely yarn I will use for the baby blanket for Sara's friend:

   This is the yarn I bought for the second baby blanket

      Now, here is the cat toy I made for Jess and Julie's new kitten. This is based on a toy I made for my cat Ozzy. It's especially made for lazy people, you throw one end, and hold onto the other, then pull it slowly to entice the kitty. Ozzy loved his for a long time. I took two photos, one of the whole thing, and one close up so you can see the business end better.

      I have, somewhere, a bag o' bells. I was going to put one in the middle of the toy for extra zing. I couldn't find the bells, no matter where I looked. So the toy is bell-less. Last night on facebook, I was accused of favoritism. So this morning, I made another toy for Sara's cats. I don't have a photo of that one. It's the same as the one above, just in a different color. I used the cotton yarn from the background of the potholder with the purple skull on it.

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