Friday, September 7, 2012

Stitch n Bitch Report!

    Today was our first official Stitch n Bitch session since June, and school let out for the summer. We had a blast, as usual. In attendance were myself, Kim (OFL), Jan and Cheryl. It was especially nice to see Cheryl, since she comes the furthest. All the kids got off to a good start on their respective school years.

   Kim is working on a sweater for her Cherub, a lacy, short sleeved, cropped cardigan. Jan is still working on her beaded shawl. I am almost finished with the pastel rainbow baby blanket. I was worried it wasn't going to be big enough. HA! I shouldn't have worried. I will measure it and have that number and a photo tomorrow!

    Cheryl cast on some cotton, and looked like she was working on a dishcloth or washcloth. It was a pretty colorway.

    We had breakfast first, then broke out the crafting, and got down to work. The nice ladies at Cranberry's told us how much they missed us this summer. Ah, but it's nice to get back into our regular routine!


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