Saturday, September 22, 2012

No Time For Photos Today

   Well, that, and the weather was wonky all day. So, no photos of the Conjoined Twins, as I have taken to calling them. They are the same, and connected by a single strand of yarn. I just have to hope I don't get them mixed up at some point. Right now, it's easy, the new, smaller one is smaller than the old, bigger one.

    I ran errands today, got Hubs a new package of cigars, checked on his new meds at the pharmacy, and changed the cat box. Time for a party! Then I made plans to go out shopping later in the day with friend Kim and her Cherub.

    After thinking about it, I decided to make dinner before I left, so if Hubs woke up and was hungry, he could eat whenever he wanted. I made a big pot of soup. It was delicious. I make the soup mix from The Awesome Store, here in Hyde Park. Today was the barley, and I added beef. That is one of Hubs' favorite soups.

    So off I went, shopping. The first place we visited was Mother Earth, the natural stuff store, or the Hippie Store, as some call it. I was looking for some body butter. A friend had given me a hemp oil body butter a few years ago, and it's almost gone. I've been searching for it all over. I thought Mother Earth's was a good place to look. They don't carry that line. However, in the store was a table set up, with two young men behind it, with oodles of body butter that their company makes. I talked to them, and ended up purchasing a large tub o' body butter!

     They have all kinds of scents, but I chose Port Royal. It's fruity, and I like it. Of course, Hubs does not like the smell. I quickly treated my hands, elbows and feet after I got home, needing only to use a little off the inside of the lid! This stuff will last quite a long time!

    Then we stopped at Best Buy, then Michaels Craft Store. Lastly, we hit Marhsalls. I was especially looking forward to this stop. I am in the market for new fleece sheets. They usually have superior sets at Marshalls. Today, however, they had none. So I looked around, and found a nice, bright pink purse, but it cost $150 so I put it back.

    I didn't buy anything at Marshalls either. But, while Kim was on line with her purchases, Cherub and I went to the shoe store right next door. I was in desperate need of new slippers. And I was not disappointed. I found some cool, really soft, bootie style slippers. They are black on the outside and super bright pink on the inside. Many thanks to Cherub for helping me find two alike of the same size. They were mixed up in boxes with slippers of another color way.

    All in all, it was a productive day, even if I didn't get to take any photos. Hopefully I can make up for it tomorrow, or even Monday.

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