Friday, September 28, 2012


    This morning after I got up, I was hanging out with Hubs until he went to bed. I realized that I didn't feel all that terrific. I was going to Stitch n Bitch no matter what, it was just my plans for after that were going to be affected.

    I had decided that since I didn't have to babysit today, I would take the opportunity to go to the craft store and see if they had restocked their cotton. After that, I thought I might try and find some new fleece sheets. But since I wasn't feeling great, I waffled about the sheet shopping. I was just going to go check on the yarn and then come home. Possibly even go back to bed.

    While at Stitch n Bitch, I felt decidedly better, so I waffled again. The sheet shopping was back on! I got to the craft store, and waffled again. Then I un-waffled. I figured since I was so close to Kohl's I would check there for the sheets. They wouldn't cost as much there as at Bed, Bath and Beyond... WRONG. On sale they were still over $80.

    So I did exactly as originally planned, with the waffling thrown in for free. By the way, the craft store had restocked the cotton, and I was able to purchase the last skein needed for the baby blanket. So now I can relax about it. And the new sheets are in the dryer, I will put them on the bed in a little while.

    I did so much waffling today, I'm surprised I'm not dripping in syrup.

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