Thursday, September 13, 2012


    There are so many thoughts running through my head tonight, it's hard to keep them straight. I have no idea which one, or ones, will decide to come to the forefront to be heard at this time.

   I believe I'll start with a pastel rainbow circle blanket update. It's darn near finished. Three more rounds to go. And of course, they are the three longest rounds, they seem to take forever. But it's very satisfying, all the compliments I'm getting on  these blankets. One more blanket to go, for Sara, then I'll be done. I believe I can take a break before beginning the last one, I probably should wait for an announcement of impending parenthood.

    Babysitting went very well today. Miss Malia was in a good mood, even though she was pretty tired. Within 20 minutes of her mom leaving, she had fallen asleep for her nap. Lately her naps have been lasting about an hour and a half, yesterday's was very unusual at three hours.

    Today, as she sat on the floor surrounded by her blocks, I told her to find certain numbers on them. She got every one! "Find a 3!" She looks around at the blocks, and picks up one with a three on it. "3!", she hollers. I kept going with some different numbers. She got every one.

    There is also good news. My legs aren't hurting as much these last couple of days. It seems to be worse in the evening, especially after a long day. I was getting a bit concerned.

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