Friday, September 14, 2012

It's "That Time of the Year" Again...

    No, I'm not referring to Fall, or even pre-holiday time. It's about husbands. My beloved Hubs has a cycle, not unlike a woman's monthly cycle. Except it only happens usually about twice a year. We have been married nearly 24 years now, so I have become accustomed to this.

   It's a lot like a woman's PMS. He is very moody, and extremely grouchy. And touchy? OMG. Nothing I do is right. Nothing I say is right. It seems my very existence bothers him. The only saving grace for me is that this only lasts a few days. All I can do is try to stay out of his way.

    He is currently in day one. I think it started sometime during the night last night, his second of his four work nights this week. I should've figured it was coming,  I missed one of his "tells". He usually calls me from work. He didn't call me last night, and he was in a foul mood when he got home this morning.

    We usually discuss his work issues, I've found it helps him relax, to get his mind off of it. His work is extremely frustrating for him, and there is nothing he can do about it, especially since he works alone. I can't go into too much detail here.

    He is usually such a sweet man. We've been handling the empty nest thing pretty well, and usually enjoy each other's company. I have a photo of him, to show you how cute he is. This was taken at our son's high school graduation, in 2008.

    OK, his hand is kind of in the way, but he really is adorable. You can all ask my friend Mikki, who lives in Florida, because she's met him. She worked for one of the parts stores who used to bring auto parts to the garage where he used to be a mechanic. She told me at the time, he's a big teddy bear.

    Anyway, when he's in his "cycle", I try and keep things more picked up, do the dishes more often, that kind of thing, just so he doesn't have that to complain about. I just have to duck and cover. It should only be a couple more days....

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