Sunday, September 23, 2012


    When I woke up this morning, I didn't feel very well. After a cup of coffee, I decided to go back to bed. When I got up again, I felt much better.

    After Hubs got up and had his coffee, he decided it was time to cover the pool. So we started the prep work. He got out the air pillows, and my job was to fill them. They are very expensive, so he wanted to try and use the ones from last year again. It was not to be. We kept finding holes, and patching them, then new holes. Eventually, we realized the one pillow was so brittle, it was springing new holes just from us touching it. Not fun. And being as it was late afternoon on Sunday, every place that sold the things we needed was closed. I barely made it to the hardware store to get a new nozzle for the garden hose. I got there 20 minutes before their closing time.

    So, I came in and took a shower, after putting the pot 'o soup on the stove to reheat. Beef barley soup is good the first night, but even better the second. Hubs mowed some lawn, then went up to his friend Gene's farm.

    Now it's late and the whole darn day is gone. It's time to go to bed soon, my alarm is set for 5:45 a.m. Woot woot.

    Hubs plans on going to the Fishkill house tomorrow, I probably won't be going with him. I got laundry and other stuff to get done. I hope he doesn't get upset with me. I will have to tell him to give our grandkitten a kiss for me.

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