Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Switching Gears, New Project

    Talking with my daughter the other day, she pointed out to me that she has another friend who is also pregnant, and due before the first friend. So I thought I'd better put away the first blanket for the first friend, and start on the blanket for the second friend! Whew!

   The good news is that the blanket is taking hardly any time at all! I've made it so many times with so many different yarns, I'm having fun with it. I do realize that by the time it's done, I will want to kill myself. It happens every time. But that's OK!

    So here is how far I've gotten since I started last night:

    And here is a close up, just so you can see it.

    This blanket is so pretty, it's a pastel rainbow, blending from white in the middle, to green on the outside. I am currently on the first of two rows of solid pink. I can't wait to see photos of it wrapped around the new arrival!

   And by the way, my bracelet finally arrived today. There was a surprise inside the package, they had sent me two more bracelets for free. I am still pretty upset about the whole shipping thing, and I think an apology would go a long way for me. I don't see that happening. Excuse me while I go unfavorite their facebook page....


  1. Love your blanket. I am still thinking about re-teaching myself to crochet. I think I totally could do this. It looks like HDC and chain? I will give it a whirl this weekend, maybe.

  2. It's made in double crochet with chain 2 at the peaks. I originally bought this pattern as a kit from Annies Attic. It's become my go to baby blanket because it's so gorgeous. unfortunately, the yarn is becoming hard to find in my area. And right from the beginning, I had to order the peach from the internet. No store carried that color. At this point in time, in the area where I live, only Hobby Lobby has the yarn, and all the colors.

  3. I have the pattern. What yarn did you use and about how much? I did some research and it seems like about 1000 yards. Many people used Caron Simply Soft, Caron 1 pound, or Lion Brand Pound. I can't bear acrylics, usually, so I don't know what to get. I think as a baby blanket, though, acrylic is probably the best way to go although I am really more experienced with wool. Thanks

  4. I used Bernat Baby Coordinates, I have no idea on yardage. When I buy the yarn, I buy one skein of white, one yellow, and two of each of the rest of the colors. You don't need all that much white, so if you know anyone who has any you could use it would be helpful. The yarn is really pretty, but can be a pain to work with, because of the shiny ribbon in it. It can get caught on the hook when making stitches. But I feel the end result is worth it. I have made this blanket with Simply Soft too, I used the bright palet of colors. It was beautiful. Good luck, and keep me updated!