Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Karate Tournament

    Today was my son's Karate school tournament. I believe it was the 2013 New York State Championships. I got a phone call the other night, requesting my help at the front table. Just like last year, I got to take care of the spectators. You know, "You want to watch your kid compete? It'll cost you a modest sum."

    Don't get me wrong, it's fun. I get to meet all these people, and very few give me a hard time. Julie took care of the people who had pre-registered, and Jen Jackson handled the walk ins. That is one job I would not want to do. But they all come in knowing how much it's gonna cost.

    I got to watch my son compete. I enjoy that very much. Truly, the only time I see him smiling at these events is when he's in the ring, ready to spar. Anyway, here are a few photos I took today. My son has had that "Karate face" since he was 10.

    The final results for forms, Jess got 1st in that one:

    In this last one, that's my Hubs on the left, behind him is son-in-law Mike, daughter Sara, and Miss Julie is sitting on the floor. Believe me, it was cooler down there!

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