Sunday, June 30, 2013

The lost ribbon yarn

    A few years ago, someone gave me a bunch of balls of a ribbon yarn. I put it away in a really good place. Once in a while, I would see it in it's bag, while moving it to get to something else.

    This past week, while not crafting, I've had the urge to find this ribbon yarn and knit it up with big needles. Just so I can say I'm making something. So far, I have been so far unsuccessful in my quest. But after Hubs goes back to work on Tuesday, I will have time once again to actually look.

    I find that I'm getting a bit excited about this possible project. I will take a photo or two once I find it and get going.

    Today it rained, after being hot and very humid. Thank the Goddess that it cooled off. During a lull in the down pouring, I went to the supermarket to pick up a few things. While I was in there, it started raining really hard again. I could hear it on the roof of the store. After I checked out, I joined the crowd of people who didn't want to run to their cars in the really heavy rain.

    After a while it let up, so I made my way to the Jeep. Just as I was a step or two away from the passenger door, it started raining really hard again!  So I got wet. Oh well, it had to happen. I don't mind me getting wet, I just didn't want my groceries to get wet. In fact, earlier in the day, I was swimming in the rain. Of course there was no thunder at that time. It was just plain rain.

    We've had so much rain today that the extra water has filled up our pool to the top of the skimmer. My friend Bonny's pool was threatening to overflow, and they had to pump off quite a bit of water. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you all about the pool trauma we had this year.

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