Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Saga of the Cell Phone

    Yesterday Hubs and I were sitting together after completing the pool cover removal. As we sat there, my cell phone lit up, as it does when an incoming message is received. Well, no message came. Instead, it started freaking out. Dialing the numbers 852 0852 852 0852 over and over. I kept ending it, but it still kept dialing the numbers. The phone even attempted to call that number. More than once.

    I tried to send a text message, but it kept instantly flicking back to the home screen. It did other things too, but it's too complicated to try and explain it all. I turned the phone off, and then back on. Still acting funky. I took the battery out. after I put it back in, it was still freaking out.

    After about an hour, I decided I had better go visit our local cell carrier store. I have had this phone a long time, and I like it! The original phone like this was in my bosom when I jumped into a pool in Texas, so the one that freaked out was the replacement that they sent to me. (Rice didn't work to dry it out)

    I wanted Hubs to go with me, as he's the main person on the account. And if I needed to get a new phone, I wanted him to be there to approve. After all, he's the one paying for it. I have already given up on ever getting a smart phone. Not gonna happen. But I like my phone, it slides and has the QWERTY keyboard. I text a lot.

And it was red.

    So they couldn't fix it. I kind of knew that. There was one new phone on display that I really liked, but they didn't have any in stock. So I got the newest version of the phone I had. The last one was the original version, the new one is version III.

    I doesn't come in any other color but this steel grey. At this point I would like to add that through this whole process, Hubs was unpleasant. He wasn't happy that I needed a new phone. He was pissed that we had to use my mom's upgrade for me to get a new phone. He wanted to get rid of my mom's line. She never uses her phone. At one point, he actually got up and left the store. I thought he might leave me there to walk home. He just needed a few minutes to cool off. I didn't really believe he would make me walk home, he knows what that would do me.

    This man is so considerate that he won't leave me in the dark in our bedroom. He waits until I leave before turning off the light. He knows I'm really afraid of the dark. He's allowed a tantrum once in a while.

    So the new phone cost about $55, and she gave us a form to get a $50 rebate. That made Hubs a little happier. I have since then gotten all my ringtones back from a free website, and now have it set up just like the old one was. The new phone is even slimmer than the old one. The screen is a little bigger too, as they scrunched the number buttons to the bottom a little. I guess I will have to live with the grey. I can't wait for the day that you can get a cell phone that you can program the outer skin to be any color or texture you want.

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