Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Craft Report and more!

    This week I haven't even picked up any needles or hooks. I am, however, lusting after these really cute baby booties.

    They are so adorable. They are crocheted in the  > shudder <  Crocodile stitch. Up until these booties, I have not liked a single thing I have ever seen done in this stitch. In general, I think most of the items are hideous. This pattern is for sale on Ravelry, and I am going to purchase it. Right now, I'm biding my time, looking for the right yarn.

     In other news, today I attended a 5th grade moving up ceremony. The last one I attended was my youngest child's, about 13 years ago. Cherub looked adorable in her pink dress. Luckily we were able to get out of there before the buses left, as poor Kim was so tired that she was ready to pass out.

     After I got home, I took care of the pool as best I could. I turned on the filter, and backwashed it. I emptied the skimmer basket. And I added some earth to the filter through the skimmer. The water level looked a little low, so I put the hose in.

    Then I came upstairs and harvested my crops in Farmville. You gotta have priorities. Finally, I was ready to wash some of those dishes that have been piling up in the kitchen. Even now that it's just Hubs and me, there are still so many dishes. I am getting tired. It takes a lot out of me to go up and down those stairs to take care of the pool every few hours.

    Hubs will be home late tonight, so I'll probably be sleeping when he gets in. I've had my new phone for two days now, and he was the first to call me since I got it. I've been texting everyone, but he was the first call.

    Speaking of my phone, I mentioned I got my ringtones back from a free website I have used before. I went back in and got a few more. I now have the theme song from The Big Bang Theory as my ringtone. Happy dance! I also downloaded another bit from the show, where Sheldon does the knock knock knock  "Penny", and before he can do it again, Penny knocks three times and says "Sheldon". It goes back and forth a few times, more insistent each time. That one is now my text message tone. I'm loving it!

    On my old phone I had a special ringtone for my Hubs, he now has the Stone Cold Steve Austin Theme from the WWE. I used to love Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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  1. These are the cutest booties, ever. I like the way the yarn variegated itself. Good luck with your phone. My ring tone is the doorbell from the Jetsons and my text alert is George Takei saying, "OH, MY!"