Saturday, June 8, 2013

Finally Done!

    That's right, the cat bed is finally done! This time I remembered to measure it before felting. It was 20" across the round base, and the walls were 6.5" tall. Here is a before photo:

    Now, in the photo, the walls curled in, and when I take the after felting photo, they should stand up. As I write this, the cat bed is in the washer, felting. After it comes out of the dryer, I will take the after photos, and add them to this post. I will also take the after measurements.

    After felting, the sides wouldn't stand up, so I took a needle and more yarn and kind of puckered it, and now they stand up. Of course, the stupid cat wants nothing to do with it, even though I told him not to get in it, it's not for him. If you have cats, you know that they don't do what you want, preferring to do what you don't want them to do. So I told him NOT to get in the bed, it's NOT for him, it's another basket for my yarn. I even put some yarn in it.

    Of course, he still won't go in it. But I have hope for the future.  The after felting measurements are: 13" across, and the walls are 3.5" tall.

    So far, Ozzy has shown little interest in the bed. He has stepped with front paws into it, but not all the way. Yet. I just put some yarn in it, and told him to stay out of it. That might work.

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  1. Well if Ozzy doesn't like it, I know some cats that would appreciate your hard work... :-)