Friday, June 7, 2013

First Impressions

    Last month was my Hubs' birthday. I am friends with some of his friends from childhood on facebook.  One of them contacted me, and said she had birthday gift for him, and to keep it a surprise.

    We arranged to meet. Thankfully it was on a day that Hubs was working; I might have had trouble explaining exactly why I needed to go to Stewarts at a certain time that day. It was very exciting for me to finally meet someone who knew Hubs when he was a child. His mom wouldn't talk about it. She had no stories for me of any cute things he did, or trouble he got into.

    I'm afraid I was a little over excited when I met up with her that day. Sometimes I tend to do that. I might have come off as a little hyper. But I was so excited. I realized shortly afterwards that that was how I had appeared. And I feel bad that I made a non-favorable first impression. I would like to become friends with this woman, and possibly meet other people from Hubs' past. She was very nice, after all. And if she's reading this, I hope she sends me another personal message and gives me another chance.

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