Wednesday, June 26, 2013

what I'm not doing today

    There are a few things I won't be doing today. Knitting or crocheting are just the first two. I also won't be going outside. At all, if I can help it.

    You see, a few days ago, I went to my friend's house and went swimming. That's all fine and good, until I got home and saw how red I was. This wasn't a problem, since in my entire life I have gotten burned maybe 4 or 5 times. And it has never been painful. I smear on some Noxzema, and voila, the next day I'm brown.

    Well. This time it's two days later, and I'm still red. In fact, my scalp is painful. I have been without hair for at least four summers now, and I have never gotten burned on my head. Of course, I usually have my SPF 4 or 8 Dark Tanning Oil. This time I forgot it. Even with my house hat on, when I went outside to help Hubs start up the vacuum for the pool, my head hurt. Just from standing in the sun, even with the hat on.

    I am also starting to not feel well. A bit queasy. I had to go out this morning and get more half and half for our coffee, so I picked up some Aloe Vera stuff for my head. When I put it on, it burned. After a little while, it felt better, but still. Burning? And it has no alcohol in it, according to the label.

    This morning, I ended up getting up because the pillowcase rubbing on my head, hurt. How much does that suck? At least if you get burned on your back or stomach you can turn over to the unburned side. What can you do when your racking head is burned??

    So I am a little cranky today. I want to go lay down, but it will hurt. Maybe I'll just stay here in my recliner. Put my feet up, and lay back. I could sleep like that.....

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