Thursday, June 6, 2013


    I got my watch back, and it works! I'm so happy. The jeweler said that it had gotten super magnetized somehow. So the spring inside stayed wound when I wound it. That's what was wrong with it. And there was no charge.

    The jeweler told my Hubs that it needs to be kept away from electronic devices. Hmmm. That might be harder than it sounds. We have cell phones, laptops, and tablets. Heck, even the cable boxes and DVD players have magnets in them these days. So it may be rather difficult to do. I guess I can only wear it occasionally.

    I must say, it makes my heart sing to hear it ticking. And to think it was on the wrist of my Great Grandmother when she came to help my mom after I was born. Mom is pleased too, that it's working again. She told Sara and me that she was going to throw it away! It makes me wonder what else she has stashed away in that old jewelry box of hers.....

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