Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A day with mom

     Today I drove down to Fishkill to mom's. Her new apartment should be ready soon, and she wanted some help with last minute packing stuff into boxes.

     Her apartment, now that's a great story. Back at least a year or so ago, mom decided to move to a smaller apartment. She notified the office, and they let her see all the one bedrooms as they became available. She finally found one she liked. Not too many stairs outside, and the laundry room is on the same floor as she is. And it's literally in the building across the street.

     They told her it would be ready at the end of October. So she made all the calls, to get everything switched over. She even had a mover lined up. The week before she was supposed to move, she was in the office for something, and asked about her apartment. They told her it was going to take longer than they expected. So she had to call and reschedule everything.

    Now, she isn't fond of making these kind of phone calls. The next month, the same thing happened, the apartment wasn't ready yet. So she got upset. The nice lady in the rental office volunteered to make all the calls for her, cancelling the whole thing. They were, at that time, expecting to have it done sometime in January.

    Now, here she was, all this time, living out of the boxes that had been ready to move back in October! Here it is, now the middle of fracking March, and I believe they are finally putting the finishing touches on it. The new carpet has been laid, and the new counter tops are going to be put in.

    Truthfully, there had been some kind of scandal at the office, the man in charge had been stealing stuff from the complex, or something. Office and maintenance staff have been fired. So there's not as many men available to work on it now. But the owner himself is now on site, and has personally promised my mom the best apartment money can buy. After all, she's been waiting for nearly six months. It's what they call a studio plus. Basically a studio with a bedroom. She's so excited about it. The bedroom has a massive walk in closet that they made for her.

   Now you, like some of her friends, may wonder why she didn't just leave the complex completely. She really likes it there, it's nice and peaceful, no loud music or cars, or anything. She's made friends with the lady who cleans the common areas in all the buildings. There are the best neighbors there, who clean off her car when it snows, so she doesn't have to. After all, she's 80 years old now. It's amazing. She's getting older, but I'm not! HA!

    So that's why I didn't get any knitting done again today. Excuse #472. Helping elderly mom pack to move.

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