Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In which I lose

    That's right, I lost. After not playing Backgammon for nearly four years, Hubs broke it out this evening. We played, as usual, for the championship of the world. And I lost. He beat me fair and square. I'm not sure how many games we played, but he beat the pants off me. 

    Today I had a very strange thing happen. I was texting with a good friend; she sent me a photo of a sweater that she wants to crochet. So we were conversing, and all of a sudden I get a text from a number that I didn't know! It seemed that this person knew me. He/she told me his/her daughter just told him/her that she is pregnant. I went along with it, but eventually asked who is this?

    It turned out she thought she was texting with my friend, who is a friend of hers, too. Weird, huh? Apparently, my friend sent both of us the photo of the sweater, and when she answered, it came to me. Very strange.

    I also spent time knitting today. I'm excited about this sweater now. It's really coming along. I was knitting while watching Rock of Ages on HBO, and doing laundry. I am a multi-tasker!

    P.S. I have to confess, Hubs made me tell you all that he beat me. He threatened to write it himself! But he really did beat me. I think I hate him now. He just read this, and he's laughing.


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