Saturday, March 30, 2013

Travels with Hubs, part I

    Over the last seven or so years, I have had the opportunity to travel with Hubs. His work sends him places to learn stuff, and sometimes I get to go too. The first place I got to go was just outside Portland, Oregon.

    We both really liked it there. The weather was beautiful; I think it only rained once the whole three weeks we were there. Of course, it was July. On the weekends, we traveled around, visited the City of Portland on the fabulous train system they have there. We went to the famous Saturday Market on a Sunday. I got to buy lots of tie-dye.

    We went out to the Pacific Ocean twice, it was so much fun. The second time, we stopped on the way and went for a helicopter ride! Hubs told me that he didn't think I would go. That makes one thing I can cross off my bucket list. The ride was a lot of fun, and Hubs got to sit in the front with the pilot.

    We went out to the highest water fall in the country, Multnomah Falls. That was pretty cool too.

    During the days while he was at school, I was able to walk to a mall that was very lose to our hotel. I was also able to take the hotel shuttle to anywhere I wanted within a certain distance. I had heard that I had to visit a famous bookstore in Portland, but that one was too far for the shuttle. But they did have a branch close to the hotel, so I went there. It was in a plaza with other stores like Michaels Craft store. I had a ball.

    If we ever got the opportunity, I would love to go back there. The people were sp nice! Traffic litterally stopped for me when I wanted to cross the street. And we are talking a four lane thorofare here, not just a regular two lane road. But they all stopped, no matter which kind of road it was. It was easier than you'd think to get used to!

    I also kept busy by crocheting an afghan for Hubs; I had brought all the yarn with me from home. While I was crocheting, I found a fascinating event to watch on TV. Believe it or not, I got hooked on a Dominoes Tournament. I loved it! The Jamaican team and the Mexican team were playing in the finals. It was taking place in Las Vegas.

    Next time maybe I'll tell you about another trip Hubs and I have taken together!


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