Friday, March 15, 2013

new frustrations

     I didn't post at all yesterday. There just wasn't anything on my mind. Actually, there was quite a bit on my mind, but it's become quite clear that most of it comprises Things To Not Talk About.

     You know that my Hubs thinks I share too much as it is. I have always felt that if someone wants to know something about you, and they have the guts to actually ask you, they deserve an honest answer. But this whole blog thing is different. It's instigated by me, and I'm telling you things you might or might not want to know, or even might not care about. That's why I try to diversify my topics.

    Sometimes I talk about crafting projects, and sometimes I talk about my life. I like to tell you stories about my nutty family.  Like, for instance, I recently found out that my Uncle John, who is my father's older brother and is well over 80 years old, is taking a yoga class. I posted a photo of all my dad's siblings last summer, here it is again. Uncle John is the one wearing suspenders.

    My brother once owned a possessed motorcycle. It was a Bultaco, and it did some very bizarre things, even when it was not being ridden. He took it to the local radio station when they had a psychic on, and she agreed that there was a spiritual being inhabiting this motorcycle.  My brother is very good looking, here he is with his wife, at my daughter's wedding.

    I could go on and on. But the most interesting stuff, you will never hear about. It's just too personal to share, and that is frustrating for me. It goes against my "open door" policy. But, if anyone has any questions, any at all, shoot me a comment with your email address in it, and I will answer, if I can.

    There are things going on that even my closest friends don't know. And that makes me crazy. I'm having to learn to keep my mouth shut, even more than ever before. It's making me stop and think before I speak. Which is harder than it sounds for someone who loves to be spontaneous.

    P.S. I hope my good knitting bud doesn't read this until tonight, but I can't keep quiet any longer. My shoes came today!! They are so pretty! I'm gonna wear them to karate later to surprise her. So Kim, if you're reading this, pretend you didn't when you see me later. Act surprised.

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