Saturday, March 16, 2013

A knitting disaster and more

   I had one of those yesterday. Remember that sweater I was knitting with Malabrigo sock yarn? "Boxy" it was called. Well. There I was sitting at Karate with my good buds Kim and Jan, knitting away. I stopped to straighten out my knitting.

    You see, it's very curly, and sometimes I think I may have twisted it when I joined it. I was very careful when I joined it, I laid the whole thing our and made sure it was straight before joining.

    Well. It turns out that it wasn't straight. I've been wasting my time, this whole time, knitting away on something that now needs to be completely frogged. Kim was horrified. Me, not so much. I really wasn't in love with it anyway. But now I still have four skeins of black Malarigo sock yarn, and one called Azules.

    I went trolling on Ravelry, looking for sock yarn sweaters. I only got six pages. There were a couple I liked, but I am soooo not in the mood for knitting four flat pieces and sewing all those fracking seams.

    Then I went to Knitting Pattern Central. They also had a couple of interesting looking sweaters. But in order to see each sweater, you have to click on the name of it. As I was looking for sweaters made exclusively with sock yarn, the going was difficult to say the least. I was paying attention to the yarns called for in each pattern.

    I now embark on a mini-rant. WTF is with these designers? Not a single one tells you what weight yarn they used. That's all I want. Oh, and a large range of sizes is good too. That's for my friend Kim, that's her current beef. There was even one sweater that the pattern was only in ONE SIZE, and it was small. I mean, in reality, how many real adult, mature women are a fracking size small??

   In desperation, I went back to Ravelry, and widened my search to all sweaters. I looked at sixty four pages before gving up. Even there, there were patterns written for only one size. To be fair, one was written for an XL. But still.....

    OK, now I feel better, thank you. Well, this changes things. Now I will go back and work on Sara's sweater again, hopefully I will be content with that.

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