Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's all in your attitude

    I drove to my mom's this morning for a visit. It's not too long of a drive, just long enough for some thinking. This morning, I was thinking about attitudes, and how, if you have a positive attitude on life, positive things tend to happen around you.

   Of course, the negative attitude draws negative things to you. One day, my Hubs and I separately drove the same route to the same place, at about the same time of day. When we talked about it, I remarked about how nice the drive was, I hit only minimum red lights, there were no slow pokes around me; it was a pleasant experience. He, on the other hand, hit all the red lights, cursed out other drivers for their various vehicular offenses, and had a miserable drive.

    Can you guess which of us has the positive and which has the negative attitude? HHMMM? I can't stress enough how much your outlook on life affects you, and everything around you! If only I could get him to understand that. It really is all in the attitude you face the world with. Or, what you send out to the Universe, is what gets sent back to you. Usually in triplicate. Just sayin' is all.....

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