Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shoe / knitting updates

    Well, I did it. I gathered up my courage, waited until Hubs was in a good mood, and told him I wanted the new shoes. I knew he would let me get them. But I didn't want to order them without his prior approval. I feel I should say in my defense, that I darn well know that I don't need his approval, but since I am not bringing any money into the house, he's the one who will be paying the bill.

    It's a courtesy, and he's asked me to tell him when I use the credit cards, so he won't be surprised when the bill comes. If I know I'm going to be using one, I try to mention it to him. Now I can't wait until they come!

    As for my knitting, I haven't knit for a couple of days. I thought I'd give you guys a few days off, since for the next couple of weeks, all I may be talking about is knitting the two sweaters. I wouldn't want you guys to get bored.

    I woke up this morning to the sound of the front door closing. It was after 8 am, so I was freaking out a little. Hubs had left for work almost two hours earlier. I threw on my house shirt, and walked out to see Hubs by the front door. I asked him if he was OK, was he just now leaving for work? He turned around and told me that he had been at work, but got sick, and had to come home. Poor baby! He's gone back to bed, and I am to answer his work phone if anyone calls it. I hope he feels better soon.

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