Monday, March 11, 2013

Advertising insanities

    I watch TV quite a bit. I have taken to paying attention to the ads over the years. I have noticed that some of them have the small print at the bottom, and I get a kick out of reading them. Of course, they make me crazy too, because someone would have had to complain about the ad for the company to put the small print on. Let me tell you about a few of my "favorites", that really make me crazy.

     Here's a recent one. It's an ad for the big cable company. A young couple is obviously moving. Their living room is full of boxes, labeled with the appropriate room to which it goes after the move. The wife asks where the cat is. A box at the front of the screen starts moving, as if the cat is inside. It's very amusing. HOWEVER, after the first few times I saw it, I noticed that a disclaimer had been added. It read as follows: "Felix is fine. He was never in a box. We promise."

    Now, what special kind of idiot doesn't get that it was a "dramatisation"? I mean, seriously? It's all pretend.....

    Then there's a real oldie, from when the dish soap called "Sunlite", or whatever it was called, came out. At the bottom of that one, they felt it necessary to put the disclaimer "Do not drink, not a beverage" Who, I ask you, would seriously make lemonade with a dish soap just because the ad says it has real lemon juice in it??

    This trend all started with the now infamous MacDonalds Hot Coffee lawsuit. That's when the disclaimers began to appear. Starting with the MacDonalds "Coffee may be Hot" warning. Isn't that kind of a Duh? Would you buy coffee that wasn't hot? I sure wouldn't. I'm still waiting for a coffee shop to advertise that they sell "Luke Warm Coffee, It Won't Burn You!"

    Those are the ones that are currently irking me. I can't think of any others right now. Please, feel free to comment and share any you see! It's all just showing that there really is a dumbing down of America. Those who know TV isn't real will survive, and those who believe it is real will fall to the zombies. A survival of the mentally fittest, if you will.

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