Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A series of unwarranted cat attacks

       I am currently nursing a few injuries to my right hand. For some reason, my beloved cat Ozzy decided to attack me when he was laying on my lap. All I did was try to pick him up for a hug. He got my right hand in his mouth, and actually chewed on it. I've got a puncture in the middle of my palm from one of his teeth.

    Then a little while later, I laid my hand on the arm of my chair, and he came up to it, stood on his hind legs, and attacked my hand again, batting at it with claws out. He  scratched me good, that time. I swear, I didn't deserve it. I wasn't saying anything to him.

    Later on, just this evening, Ozzy was behind our chairs, howling. I was patting the back of Hubs' chair, trying to get him to jump up on the arm of the chair, to be petted.
He ran at my hand, took a nice deep bite on the back of my hand, hissed, then ran away from me. I wasn't even harassing him! I haven't seen much of him this evening, since that last attack.

    His whole life, Ozzy has never really been a lap cat. He never liked being picked up, either. He is now almost 12 years old, and has recently taken to jumping up on our laps. You can tell by the look on his face that he's not happy about being there, either. I asked around, and one friend who's had a lot of experience with cats told me that sometimes when a non-lap cat gets older, they suddenly begin wanting to be on laps.

    It was amusing to me that he would suddenly want to be on my lap. He never stays very long, a maximum of ten minutes. And he usually he will only lay on one leg, never across both legs. I pet him, and talk to him, but if I stop, he leaves after a couple of minutes.

    All this makes me wonder what's going on in his head. My hand is sore. Maybe after a day alone tomorrow, he'll be a little nicer. I'm going to visit my mom, and Hubs got called in to work. Hopefully, it won't be a full day for him.  I spent a long time looking through the photos on my laptop, looking for the ones of Ozzy that I know are in there. I couldn't find any.

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