Thursday, March 7, 2013

Road trip in the snow

    Today, I was bored. I was knitting and making a little progress on the Boxy sweater, but it's a boring knit. And did I mention that I'm doing it in black? Ultra boring.

    I was text messaging with my friend Kim, and it turned we both needed a break today. I had an itch to go up to Tivoli and visit Fabulous Yarns. By early afternoon, she was ready to join me, and off we went! It was snowing pretty good by then.

    We got there, and the whole place was in total disarray! It seems they are in the process of moving to a store just down the block. After we left, Kim and I went and took a look at their new space. We are both very excited, it looks like it will be a bigger, and even more awesome place! We may have to go back after the move is finished, just to check it out. 

    I bought another skein of Malabrigo sock yarn for my Boxy sweater. I felt the black needed to be interrupted, or I might go Kamikaze on myself. The new yarn will make a nice wide stripe of multi-shaded denimy-blue goodness in the middle of the black hole of Boxy. Woo hoo! So I'm home now, and back to knitting. It's still snowing, and I'm bored again...

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