Monday, March 18, 2013

No knitting, little sleep - A rant

    I am very grumpy this morning. I am forced to drink my luscious chocolate truffle coffee with "white trash" powdered "creamer" and not real sugar, but Equal. All in the name of love. I wonder if it's worth it. Hells yeah.

    I am also grumpy because I couldn't sleep last night. My legs really hurt, and all I did was toss and turn until about 1:30 am, that's when I got up to read for a while. And of course, just as I open my nook and wake it up, it's power is low. So I had to find a working plug close to where I was sitting, so I could still read. I think I read until 3 or 4, I don't remember.

    Then there's the issue with my laptop. I had it plugged in, but this morning no sooner did I fire it up and begin my perusal of facebook, than it died. Apparently there was no power in the outlet to which it was plugged, and had been plugged into since yesterday afternoon. Who knew?

    So now my morning headache is rearing it's ugly head. And I have no Advil. It will go away, it's just a nagging thing that I don't really want to think about. You see, every one of my medications has headache listed as a side effect. Nice, huh? So I usually live in a pretty constant state of headache. I take some Advil in the morning, and some in the evening. That usually takes care of it.

    And I haven't begun to knit yet. The Boxy sweater is still in Time Out, but Sara's sweater, and my own are with me, as well as some last minute yarn that called to me as I was winding. Side note: Boxy may never get done. I am really pissed at the Malabrigo sock yarn. As I was re-winding it off the needles, it got so tangled that I had to cut it. THREE FRACKING TIMES. (I'm pretty sure it was because the knitting got twisted) I may end up just burning that ball. It will be a fitting sacrifice to the Yarn Goddess.

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