Sunday, March 3, 2013

It snowed / cold hands update

     Last night, before I went in to bed, I took a look outside. I turned on the outside light, unlocked the door, and opened it. It was snowing! I was surprised. I hadn't watched the weather channel for the forecast or anything, but it's been so warm it never occurred to me that it might snow!

     Off to bed I went, not knowing how much snow I would wake up to. I was hoping it wouldn't be much, I had no desire to shovel the walk today. Here's what I saw when I took another look out the front door just a little while ago:


    Of course, this was with maximum zoomage. But that's all the snow there was. The roads are clear. Not that I have anywhere I have to go today. Actually,  I do have to go to the supermarket at some point, we're almost out of half and half.

    On another note, I realised that I never told you what the Doctor had to say about my cold hands. Apparently I get spasms in the veins or vessels in my wrists, which reduce the blood flow to my hands, and that's why they feel cold. Also why one hand feels colder than the other one.

    The thing that astounds me is the change in my hands. For darn near twenty years, my hands were so sensitive to the cold, that I would start wearing gloves in September, before it got really cold, and still be wearing them through April and into May, if it didn't get very warm. Believe me, it was better to wear gloves than to experience what happened if my hands got chilled.

    That happened just twice. My hands ached. I don't mean just a little. It was so bad, I found myself sitting in my chair with my hands wrapped up in Hubs' heating pad, turned up to HIGH. And the tears were running down my cheeks, I have never experienced an ache like that. I even went to the Doctor, who had no explanation. He had me tested for Arthritis, which was negative.

    But since this new spasm thing, the aching doesn't happen any more. I find that very odd. Our bodies are strange and mysterious things, sometimes. I wonder if it could be connected to The Change?

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