Friday, August 2, 2013

A busy day

    I was up early today, babysitting the grandkids. I had fun, and I hope they did too. When I got home, Hubs was waiting very impatiently. He was more than ready to go to Kingston, to Woodstock Harley Davidson, and pick up his new toy.

    I know what you all are thinking. And when we were first together, I would have agreed with you. Heck even he said, at that time, that he wouldn't get a bike because he'd kill himself on it. But my beloved Hubs has grown up a lot in the last twenty five years. And for all that time, he's done many things for me, for our kids, for his mom and mine. Even for his job. He always does for everyone else, he never thinks of himself first.

    When he started telling me that he was looking at motorcycles, I was a bit taken back. I mean, seriously? But I could see the longing in his eyes. After much thought I decided he deserves to have this. I want him to do something just for him.

    So we went Harley shopping. We went to two sort of local dealers, on the same day, just to look and see if they had the bike he wanted.  I ended up having to babysit for the grandkids again this week, so I didn't get to go with him for the serious shopping.

    We went together and he got his motorcycle permit, and he went to a two day motorcycle safety class. It was intense training, and at the end of the second day, the class all goes to the DMV and gets their licenses. This particular class is the only one that gives the students a waiver for the road test. Of course, he passed!

    Off he went yesterday, while I was babysitting, and found exactly what he wanted, for a reasonable price. We went today to pick it up. I got to follow him home, as he's riding for the first time, on a road, in traffic. As we got near to our home turf I relaxed a little.

    He told me that he was grinning almost the whole way home. We made a short side trip so he could show of his bike to our son, then we came home. Now I just have to find a really good protection spell..... just as an extra precaution.

    I took some photos, but Hubs doesn't want me to post them, at least for now. But it's a really cool bike.

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