Saturday, August 3, 2013

A little crafting and some drama

    Today I spent most of the day with my daughter Sara. She wanted to go shopping for a new dress to wear to a christening tomorrow. She didn't find a dress, but she did get some more maternity wear. She was thrilled. She already has a couple of dresses that she can still wear, so she wasn't worried about it.

    After I got home I was so tired, I took a nap. Well, I tried to take a nap. I don't think I fell asleep. After an hour I got up and finished the dishes I had started this morning. I also did more laundry.

    While resting after coming up the stairs from the basement I knit a couple of rows on the super secret project. Then later as I was cooking our pork chops on the grill, I worked on a cat toy that I've made for all the kitties we know. I'm pretty proud of it, actually. I call it the Lazy Person's Cat Toy. Here is a photo of it:

    It's made of two plastic rings crocheted together all around, then I do a really long chain stitch with a finger loop on the end. The original one I made for my cat Ozzy was probably twenty feet long. I call it the Lazy Person's Cat Toy because you don't have to keep getting up and getting it. You throw the ring, which has tassels on it too, while holding the other end. Then you just pull it slowly or quickly, and the cat goes nuts chasing and pouncing on it.

    I make it with plastic rings because I was afraid metal rings would break the kitties teeth. I think the most important thing is the cotton yarn. It's very strong and lasts a long time. I use Sugar and Cream, but any good cotton will do.

    As I said, I made the original for Ozzy, then my son Jesse wanted one for his two kitties, so I made one. Then Sara wanted one for her three kitties. I made this new one for my son James's two kittens. If you're counting, that makes seven grand kitties that I have. Each toy I make, I test on Ozzy. If he plays with it, I can tell people it's officially Ozzy tested and approved. I also made one for Jason's three kitties. That one was special, the only one I made that wasn't for family.

    Searching for the rings today, I had some drama. It seems that Joann Fabrics and Crafts isn't selling my rings any more. I usually use these dark plastic rings, two per toy, that are about 2" across, and flattened. They used to be in the section of the store where you get things for making your own purses. They had all kinds of rings, and handles and stuff. I had to buy a different plastic ring this time. I did still use two of them, but they aren't flattened so the toy is a bit thicker. It still seems to work.

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