Saturday, August 17, 2013

My day is not looking good

    Today I might as well go back to bed. It started out badly, one can only assume the rest of the day will be in that same vein. When I got up, I went to make my coffee and discovered that there was no half and half. Really, it's my own fault. I didn't get more when we were running low, and Hubs used the last of it this morning before work.

    So I get dressed and head to the local supermarket. I might as well get the other things we need too, right? I don't really want to have to come back later, after I've been caffeinated. Riiiiiight. I go and get everything we need, and finally reach my half and half. It's always in the same specific place, so I grab two and head for the checkout.

   I get home, and finally get to have my coffee. I start drinking it, and it doesn't taste right. It seems watery. I start wondering what the heck is wrong with the new coffee maker. I go to the refrigerator, and actually look at the containers of half and half that I had bought. The words on the carton say FAT FREE LACTOSE FREE MILK. The fracking container looks EXACTLY the same as the half and half, it just has these blasphemous words on it.

   Now, I've opened the one and I can't return it, so I dump the rest into the sink. I grab my purse, the second carton, and head back to the store. I explain what happened, and get my real half and half. I did mention that they might want to speak to their dairy guys. When I got home again, I decided I didn't want to make more coffee. I will just have to live through the day without it.

   The only thing worse than today's adventure was the day that I woke up and made coffee only to find the fracking coffee maker was busted. I actually had to go and buy a new coffee maker before I could have my coffee. Boy, did I grumble around the store that morning!

    P.S. I hope to get some knitting time in later, between the reading jags.


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