Friday, August 9, 2013

A purchase for future Grandbaby

    Last week when I was shopping with Sara in Target, I spotted something. The first thing I saw was this adorable face:

I went right over, and there was the cutest little three piece set, in newborn size. I fell in love with it! It comes with two onesies, a short sleeve one:
     I thought this was appropriate, since her hubs Mike is in a rock band. He plays the drums. Then there's the long sleeve onesie:

    It was so perfect, I threw it right in the basket and bought it. It's OK if I show it here, Sara saw me with it in the store. But she can't have it yet. It's mine to play with!

    On a different note, I somehow managed to fix the problems I was having with my laptop. Even the USB ports are working now, hence the photos! In desperation, I was looking around in the programs in there, and found a free trial version of one of those "cleaner upper" programs. I ran it, and it fixed the problems! I'll worry about it again in two more years.

    This means I can now show you the photo of my home made laundry detergent, when they were turned upside down, and it separated after twenty minutes:

     TAH DAH! There it is! One more thing, then I'll not tell you about the detergent any more. I used it again today when I washed our sheets and pillowcases. It worked very well, I'm convinced. And that's the last you'll hear of it.                                                                               

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  1. I am pretty excited to try it. Bought the ingredients and plan to get the mason jars next week. The checkout lady at the grocery asked for a copy of the recipe and the bagger said she had two mason jars with lids I could have if I brought her a copy, too! I emphasized that I had not done it but a friend had and even used it and liked it! Thanks, Friend!