Saturday, August 10, 2013

Weekly Craft Report

    This week, I can officially say that I've gotten past the 1/4 mark of the Super Secret Project. YAY! I'm thrilled to finally reach that point.

    Also this week, someone my daughter works with saw my blog post about the Lazy Person's Cat Toy and ordered two!  I whipped those out, and she is now the proud owner of them. I hear that her cats are having a fine time with them. If anyone else wants any, I'll have to go and buy more plastic rings. Those two used my last four rings.

    I'm looking forward to the Karate School Family Picnic tomorrow, I'm bringing cupcakes. I have also decided not to enter the chili cook off they are having this year. Every year they do a different food contest, and everyone is encouraged to enter. The last time that it was chili, I entered, but didn't win. I was disappointed, since one of the judges grew up eating my chili.  

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