Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mototcycle Madness

    I told you about my Hubs and his recent purchase. He's been so happy and in such a good mood lately, I have no doubts about it at all. What a difference! I still believe that after looking after us for 25 years, he's earned the right to do something just for himself.

    There is an upside for me, even if I can't ride with him yet. He is willing to buy me almost anything. We were at Woodstock Harley-Davidson yesterday, and he bought a few things that he needed, like riding boots. But he let me get a long tie-dyed scarf, and he even agreed to us getting new wedding rings. It was something we had talked about for our anniversary anyway. Nearly everything in the store was 30% or 35% off, and then we got another 10% or 20% off on top of that!

    He got the saddlebags he wanted for his bike, so now he can ride it to work. He needed a place to put his work stuff, and his lunch cooler.

   After we got home, Hubs was so adorable. He gave me a great big hug, and thanked me for being so supportive. I said to him "You're thanking me for "letting" you spend your own money?" He laughed, but I knew he meant not giving him a hard time about it.

    He really is the greatest man, and the best Hubs in the whole world!

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  1. Congrats. Just like me, you have a "keeper" as in a fish not to throw back--NOT a zookeeper! I am interested to know about when you take your first ride. Where I am, many of the quilt ladies and knitting ladies ALSO have Harleys and ride behind as WELL as alongside their husbands. I find it remarkable. I do not have enough daredevil quality.