Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Busy Morning!

    This morning, my alarm went off before the ass-crack of dawn. 5:45 seems awfully early to me. But it's only two days a week, and I can handle it. I started the coffee pot for Hubs, whose alarm goes off at 6. This way I can have the coffee I.V. ready for him when he staggers out of the bedroom. He needs to get up on time, since I have to leave at 6:10.

    This morning was different than usual, since after dropping my charge and her mom off at their car, I had to head directly to the Medical Group building. I had a CAT Scan scheduled for 9 a.m. I wasn't sure if that was the test in the extremely tight, long tubs thing, so I took my meds with me, and downed a xanax about an hour before my appointment. I find that I'm getting a bit claustrophobic as I get older. The Xanax helps tremendously.

    So that procedure went well, it wasn't the tight space one. Whew. On my way home, I stopped at the Awesome Store, I needed to get some extra stuff to throw into the soups when I make them. They have cut up, dried veggies in conveniently sized packages. I usually get the potato chunks, to add to the barley soup.

    Anyway, I get there, and the young man who I saw at their Hudson Valley Market booth remembered me, and greeted me warmly. I went in, and the whole place is a mess. It turns out that they are gearing up to make their booth at the HVM much bigger, and they are going to be rearranging the Hyde Park store. The nice young man got my potatoes for me, and as I was checking out, the owner asked me if I was still looking for work.

    Of course I said yes! She told me they would be looking for people to help out at the HVM, and even in the Hyde Park store! As we talked she explained that they hadn't forgotten me, that her daughter kept reminding her about me! I was thrilled.

    She explained that they didn't want to hire me for the mall store, because it's so far; they prefer to hire people who live near each store, as they are more dependable, in bad weather and such circumstances. So she told me to come in next week, and ask about how things were going. I am totally psyched!

   I was home just after 10, made my coffee, and now I'm drinking it and watching TV. I can't wait to see what happens this afternoon!!

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  1. Oh, how wonderful! I hope everything is even better than you imagine.