Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Plans for the Day!

     I got to sleep in, until almost 8! Right now, the coffee's a'brewin, and I get to relax for a while. Then later, I gots things to do.

     First up, is to throw that bag in the washing machine to felt. I add tennis balls to the wash to help. It usually works pretty well. Also on the agenda for today: Driving to the Post Office to get the mail; shopping for my mom's 80th birthday gift; stopping by the Awesome Store to see if they are still interested in my services; and lastly, going to the local jeweler to see about new batteries for two of mom's watches. She asked me to do it. she didn't know where to go.

    Those are the "out and about" things, then I get to come home and wash dishes and stuff like that. I also get to check on my bag, and either put it through another wash cycle, or throw it in the dryer; also with the tennis balls.

    Whew. That's kind of a big day for me, I usually try to never make plans, because something always happens to muck them up. I can see that once in a while it is necessary, though. Then this coming Sunday, we are all gathering at daughter Sara's house for a little surprise birthday party for my mom. Her birthday is actually on Monday, so hopefully she will be surprised.

    Ten years ago, for her 70th, Sara organized a huge party, out at a restaurant, and the whole family came, even my dad's relatives from upstate. This year, none of us have that kind of cash available. But mom will enjoy herself all the same.

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