Saturday, October 27, 2012

I'm Idle, Craft Wise

   I haven't worked on anything, since I finished my black felted crocheted/knit bucket bag. Even Hubs, just this evening, mentioned that I've not been knitting lately. Perhaps I'm just knitted out, for now.

   This working part time thing is cool, it's a weekends only job, so far; at the Hudson Valley Market Place, on the Salt Point Turnpike. I'm actually working for The Awesome Store! I figured "Why not?" since I am so taken with many of their products!

   It's really hard, after being idle for so long, but so far, so good. It's challenging to have to talk to strangers, but I'm learning. Being on my feet is tough, even for the short four hours that I'm there each day. But today my legs hurt less than last Saturday night, and I'm sure that tomorrow will be better too. Slowly but surely, I will get back into shape.

    And with Hubs on the day shift now, I get to see him every night! That is the best thing of all! It's even not as bad as I thought, having to cook dinner every night.

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