Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another No Crafting Day

    I know it's late, for me at least. I thought I'd better write my post for the day. I didn't get to photograph anything today, the weather didn't cooperate. And I spent most of the day today at my mom's apartment, helping her pack her things for the move to a smaller place.

   On the good side, she found another of my class pictures from grade school! This one is from 4th grade. I will add the class photos to the list of things I will photograph at some point in the near future. I'd like to see how well they come out.

    Talking to mom today, she told me that the table from yesterday's post was one of the first pieces of furniture she and dad got when they got married. That makes it even more special. I asked her, and my memory was correct, it was originally blonde wood. Very 1950's.

    I know she needs my help; it's very hard for her to sort, and organize, these days. She gets overwhelmed easily. We have all been chipping in to help, and her friends have been especially helpful.

    I am still not working on anything, craft wise. I forgot to ask Sara about the colors for her friend's pot holders. I haven't even started decorating my felted purse, and I used it today when I went to mom's.

    Oh well, there's always tomorrow for crafting!

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