Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Cooking Time

   This week, the weather has finally cooled off. Now, I love Summer, but Fall is the best season for cooking my favorite things. You just can't get away with making soups, chili and Stroke when the mercury is over 75 degrees.

   Once the temperatures drop, it's the prefect time for my favorite cool weather dinners. In the past week, I've made soup twice, and tonight I'm making a big pot of my favorite Chili. I use the recipe my mom originally got from a woman's magazine in the '60's, but I have changed it and made it my own. This is the recipe I gave to my daughter, and she has already tweaked it to suit her tastes. So it gets better and better!

    The soups I make are mixes, or kits, from The Awesome Store. Our favorites are the barley, to which I like to add beef, and the rice, to which I usually add chicken. We have used the noodle soup too, but like the others better. And of course, you can use any meat in the soup, or none at all, for the Vegans out there!

    I have tried their potato soups, but I am too darn impatient waiting for the milk to slowly heat up, and I've burned them every time. So I've given up on making those particular soups. I believe I made the cream of broccoli soup for my youngest, since he loooooves broccoli. It was delicious, and of course, he had me add lots more broccoli to it. He loved it.

    Then there's Stroke. If you haven't read about this recipe, I wrote about it in an early blog post. There is a story connected to this particular soup. My late mother-in-law used to make it, and it was my Hubs' favorite as he was growing up.

    Today, as I said, I am making my chili. I plan to have it ready for Hubs when he gets home from work. Even if he doesn't want to eat right away, it won't matter. The longer it cooks, the better it gets! I think I may even make some biscuits to go with it! YUM!

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