Thursday, October 11, 2012

Keep him on his toes

    Lately, it's been difficult to find TV programs on that I want to watch. You wouldn't think it would be so hard, what with the hundreds of channels available these days.  I've discovered the channel ID, Investigation Discovery. It's been there a long time, but I hadn't watched it.

    I've been filling my evenings with programs about spouses killing each other, and the like. My beloved Hubs wanders through, stopping to smoke a cigar, and watches with me for a little while. The other evening, he commented about my programming choices. He asks me if I've got any plans, if I'm gathering ideas.

    A few nights later, he sees I'm still watching these programs, and he comments that he's starting to get nervous. So I decide to have some fun. Last night, I went into the bedroom, where he was watching his show, and as I walked to his side of the bed, I counted the steps as I took them, softly, to myself.  His eyes got big, and he asked me what I was doing. I just laughed and said "Nothing..."

   Now, he's really getting nervous! I reminded him last night of the old proverb, happy wife, happy life. I just love pulling his chain. I must clear up a few things, I wouldn't want to give you the wrong impression! I am very happy with my Hubs. He's been even nicer to me since the last kid moved out.

    The main reason I'm watching ID, and all these true life murder stories, is that even with all the channels, it feels like I've seen it all. There's nothing on that catches my attention any more. Even all the bad science fiction, vampire, and zombie movies? I've seen them!

    The other night, Hubs poked his head out of the bedroom and announced "There's a zombie movie on! In this one, it's tree sap!" I don't think he was surprised when I announced that I had seen it already.

    So these real life murder mysteries are just something I haven't seen yet. The first ones I watched were all husbands killing their wives. None of them got away with it, which made me feel better. I made sure I let my Hubs know about it, just in case he had any thoughts...

    One last explanation. My Hubs and I do spend evening time together, but he isn't comfortable in the living room. Maybe after we get new furniture? But he is much more comfortable in the bedroom, so he goes in there after a while so he can relax. We don't, in general, enjoy the same kinds of shows anyway.

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  1. You are being read and enjoyed! My husband and I tend to watch separately, too but we try to find something once in a while we both watch together. I am watching all the SCI FI reruns. I will tire of them soon...he watches the spousal killings...