Saturday, October 6, 2012

Simply Saturday

    That's right, it's simply Saturday. A good day of the week to stay in your jammies, and just lounge. Also a good day to crochet. I've gotten a lot done on the newest baby blanket today! I just started the last V stitch lace section, which means there are 8 more rows to go, then at long last it'll be done!

    Another good thing about today? I got to hang with my beloved Hubs. He was going to go out and hunt this afternoon, but decided a nap was in order instead. And tomorrow morning, at long last, I will be getting my new chair! A nearly brand new recliner. I can't wait to see it. The fold up chair, that I usually only use for parades, isn't very comfortable for nightly use.

    And if, in the long run, the new chair doesn't fit in with the new furniture, it can go in my craft room. That way I can be sure I'll be comfortable while I'm crafting away.

    I will be sure and post a report on the new chair tomorrow. Maybe even take some photos!


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